Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dinner for September 9

Ok, where to start? First of all, I typed this big huge thing and POOF! It went away. I'm using the family laptop instead of my own PC, and the keyboard here is all flat you know, like a laptop is. This is why I refuse to buy a laptop for my own personal use.

So. We had taco salad for dinner. Yum! It was delish! It was my idea this morning as hubby and I were trying to figure out what to have. I saw this bag of taco strips on the counter and... OH NO!! I completely forgot to add them to the salads! They were the whole reason for having the things in the first place! Ugh! Oh well... I'll just have to make taco salad again or taco soup so I can use them.

Our conversation centered on J's martial arts class, or to be more exact, his uniform. I found his uniform in a crumpled ball at the bottom of his closet in a pile of clothes. I figured these clothes to either be:

a) dirty
b) just a pile of clothes he didn't want to hang up

I really am not sure which category any of them fall into, but the uniform was there as well as his jammies. So we know this:

a) he pulls his jammies out of the dirty clothes pile each night - EWWWW!!!!
b) he pulls his martial arts uniform out of the dirty clothes pile to wear twice a week (unless, of course, I wash things first) and irritates the heck out of his instructor

So. That's where we stand and my hubby and I tried to pound into his head that he needs to take care of himself and his clothes. He needs to respect the fact that we buy him his clothes and he needs to take care of them - or they will disappear and he can buy them himself! Ha!! But seriously, to be in martial arts means you have to follow certain rules and abide by guidelines. Right now, he is not. He seemed to be more agreeable to hanging up his clean clothes, however, because one of the consequences was to pull him out of martial arts.

And this was by far more than you bargained for, right? Not a simple "we talked about the weather tonight" conversation.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dinner for August 17, 2010

Yes, it's true! I'm writing the same evening as the dinner! Ok. Here we go:

Ham, Gouda, Muenster... need I say more?

How about deli-sliced ham, thinly sliced; sliced cheddar, thinly sliced whole wheat bread (a loaf, not the kind you use for sandwiches); bruschetta; rosemary & garlic infused olive oil; sundried tomato & basil infused olive oil. YUM! Bread, cheese, meat, EVOO (inser Rachael Ray's Yumm-o!" here) - what more could you ask?? Perhaps, maybe, a Fume' Blanc? Got it!

Oh wait! I forgot to say what we talked about! Well, tonight's conversation was very limited as we were watching "Wipeout" on t.v. The t.v. is rarely on during dinner but today was an exception since J didn't go to martial arts (he smashed his foot today during wood stacking) and hubby went to bed early.

Pudding is next, yet the boys don't know it. They are currently watching the tail end of the show and I made chocolate pudding (a Jell-o mix) as we have some Cool Whip in the fridge. Yumm-o!

Dinner of August 16

Yes, it's been a while since I last posted. It really is hard to do this every day, but I'll try to do better.

Last night we had a late dinner as hubby and I were discussing our upcoming camping trip and deciding on the menu. We were also waiting on the barbecue to get hot. And off topic - I'm starving!! I need food badly. It's 10 a.m. and I haven't eaten yet and here I am, blogging about food. Bad idea! Back to my story...

We ate our dinner out on the deck. It was divine! It's been really hot lately (in the 90s) but yesterday was in the upper 80s and by the time we ate dinner (8:30 p.m.), the bats were flying and it had cooled down quite a bit and was actually comfortable.

There was a leftover green salad (with some radishes and cucumber thrown in) from another day, and chicken kabobs. I don't know what hubby had rubbed onto them but they were out of this world! I know he buys the Weber seasonings, but I don't know if he used that on them or not. He also found some yummy seasonings at Dollar Tree - sheesh, don't buy expensive seasonings - they are not worth it a lot of the time unless you KNOW from experience. Try Dollar Tree out.

We talked about the camping trip and warned the boys not to go in the fast-moving river. We warned them about wildlife and not to feed the bears. Hubby said that all food must be kept in the truck when not in use so as not to attract wild animals. Watch my kids want to see a bear and leave out a Cheeto or something!

Anyway, we were outside until about 10 p.m. or so, just talking and eating and having a good time. And yes, the bats were out and eating the bugs and hopefully chomping away on the flying termites. We ate outside the previous night and a big termite landed on the napkin that was lying on my plate after I was finished eating. Eww!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Dinner for April 15

Tax Day! Do you know where your refund is?

We didn't have steak. We had the roasted veggies (leftovers) and that was it. Husband wasn't in the mood to cook and wasn't too terribly hungry. He said he was sick of cooking (coming from him, this is odd since he loves to cook). I was starving and had nibbled on celery sticks with Laughing Cow cheese shoved inside the little groove.

What did we talk about? I don't remember. How pathetic I am. I'll have to come back and edit this when I do recall it! We had butterscotch pudding for dessert.

Tonight we are having the steak that we were supposed to have last night. A salad on the side will probably be the accompaniment. Husband wants me to make more pudding, but I used the ramekins for raspberry Jell-o. I told him he could make banana splits once and for all.

Do you know that I post the following day for what was eaten and said the night before? Does that throw you off? Does anybody even read this blog?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dinner for April 14

Last night we did have barbecued chicken again, but it wasn't the same rub. It was a Mesquite-flavored marinade. I totally didn't like the smell of it when husband was preparing it, but after it was barbecued it tasted better...for a while. He made them in the form of shishkebabs like the night before. We also had a nice green salad with other veggies thrown in. You should have seen the mound of croutons my youngest son put on his salad. I told him, "Have a little salad with your croutons!"

My 13-year-old son brought up the Spanish Inquisition and how the king and queen killed everyone who they thought were Catholics so they could take over their businesses. Husband asked him why he would bring up something so miserable at the dinner table. Son said, "It's something I learned in school." My youngest son then went on to contemplate the story of the Catholics being killed and that erupted into a huge discussion about religion that I will not go into right now. I ended up putting a stop to it because my youngest child is 7 and was overwhelmed and confused and was arguing with his brother. Enough already!

Anyway, we did not have banana splits for dessert because dinner was late enough as it was (I looked at my watch halfway through the meal and it said 7:15). Later in the evening I asked husband when he planned on having those and he said, "Maybe never." I asked why he went out to buy bananas earlier in the day and he said, "To eat." Ugh!

Tonight's din-din is steak on the grill. We have leftover salad and also the roasted vegetables from the other day, so one of those will be our side dish.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dinner for April 13

I hadn't posted in several days (weeks?) because the family wasn't sitting down together for dinner. Someone was always running off for activities of some such.

Last night we did sit down together and had barbecued chicken with oven-roasted vegetables. Delish! The chicken wasn't coated in sauce; husband used a dry rub mix. Anyway, the one thing we really talked about was to watch out for the heat from the tomatoes. Once in the mouth, they explode with steaming hot juice. Me, I didn't care because I don't like tomatoes in the first place.

Another thing we talked about was the test that husband took yesterday for a job. He said he thought he had done well, but the results will come in the mail. I thought they'd show up today, but no. Maybe tomorrow.

Tonight I think we are having a rerun of last night's dinner because it was so tasty. Steak just doesn't sound interesting. Husband took off a moment ago to run to the store for bananas so he can make banana splits for dessert. Yum!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Dinner for March 28

Our plans for dinner flew out the window when one of the kids flew the coop and went to stay overnight at a friend's house. Why make a nice big dinner when not all of us would be present to enjoy it?

Off we went to Applebee's! While we were waiting for our food to arrive, my husband and I took turns playing Tic-Tac-Toe with our youngest. He is only seven and usually orders off the kids' menu. The kids' menu has games on it that require the use of a writing utensil, and it does come with three crayons. So Tic-Tac-Toe was the topic of conversation. Usually, when the family goes out to eat, we play a word game or other type of game to make it more fun, especially while waiting for the food to arrive.

While we were eating there really was no major discussion topic, so I can't really tell you what we talked about. The bad service did come up, however, as we waited forever for silverware. You can't exactly eat coleslaw with your fingers!

Oh, I do recall one thing that we talked about - finger exercises. My husband plays guitar and is going to teach our youngest how to play as well. The finger exercises were basically for the left hand and to train the brain to tell certain fingers to bend while others stayed straight. I tried the exercises as well, and got quite frustrated along with my son. Kinda made me glad I stuck with piano!

Tonight, if the power does not go out (we are in for a storm throughout the day), the steak that has been marinating will be cooked and eaten. Even if the power goes out, we have a barbecue out on the deck and it can be used tonight.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dinner for March 27

We didn't have strawberry shortcake for dessert. We didn't have steak. Instead, we had the frozen green beans that my husband steamed. He added chopped red onion and sliced almonds to the beans. The boys weren't thrilled with the onions and let us know about it. Along with the beans, we had the artisan bread which had been sliced and toasted. After the bread was toasted, it had bruschetta spread on top and a layer of grated Fontina cheese sprinkled on top and then the toasts were put in the oven for a little bit.

The bread was a big hit but the beans, well, they didn't receive as much praise. And that's where the conversation laid. We talked about the beans. The boys don't care for onions of any sort, but my husband told them that there were onions in the bruschetta spread. The boys said they couldn't taste them. I said there were more beans and almonds than onions. The kids just did not care and did not want to eat the beans. They were told there would be no dessert if they didn't eat their beans.

The main question that was very hard to answer (for the adults) was: Which do you like better - the bread or the beans? It was a tie - they were both so good! Hubby and I decided on the beans because there was far more flavor. The boys voted for the bread. It figures!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dinner for March 26

Last night it was just three of us as one of the kids spent the night at a friend's house. We did have the baked chicken that I mentioned yesterday as well as a bag of frozen beans. Not the summertime beans, but a store-bought bag of frozen beans that we steamed. There was no need for the artisan bread as we were all pretty stuffed from the chicken and beans.

Table talk turned to the subject of movie ratings and which types of movies the youngest member of the household was allowed to watch. Seeing as how last night was Friday night, we decided to have 'movie night.' Since it's all guys (except me) in the house, 'movie night' usually consists of something like 'The Matrix' or similar types of movies. Sheesh... can't a girl watch "Terms of Endearment" or something? No. Not unless she's by herself.

Anyway, I brought up the subject of movies that have bang-bang-shoot-'em-up storylines as well as when-people-die-they-don't-come-back-to-life type things. I explained to our youngest son, who is 7, that I'd rather he not watch things like that because he would get desensitized to violence. He should be watching "Hannah Montana" and "Camp Rock" and things rated G. There is no reason he should be watching any type of violence at his young age. Our 13-year-old son can watch things like that, but I'd rather supervise. I explained that PG meant 'parental guidance' and that he (the 7-year-old) can watch PG movies if one of us (me or his dad) is present. I don't think my child knows what he's in for since he has probably gotten used to watching movies that I don't allow, but that his dad saw (until I brought it up at dinner) no harm in. Now hubby and I are on the same page.

Tonight's dinner - not sure. I know it'll probably be something barbecued as the weather is in our favor - sunny and in the 60s. There is a box of strawberries in the fridge and I have a hankering for strawberry shortcake.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Dinner for March 25

Last night we talked about something that came up in church the other night. The question to be answered by all at the table was this:

"If you were to pray for each member of the family at 8 a.m., 12 noon, 5 p.m. and 10 p.m., what would you pray for at each of those times?"

The only person to answer was my husband who answered, for each of the times, that he would pray for me about my work day. It's crazy, but he was so eloquent and now I can't even remember his exact words! The kids didn't have a chance to answer the question, and neither did I, because we got off-topic entirely and started talking about other things. It never fails, what with four people all having their own thoughts and ideas.

Tonight we will be having baked chicken (two whole birds [cut up] in one giant glass dish) along with green beans that we picked last summer. The beans have been in the freezer and you would never know it once they've been steamed. They taste like freshly-picked summertime beans. So delish! There are two loaves of artisan bread on the counter, so I'm assuming we'll be having one of those as well.