Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dinner for September 9

Ok, where to start? First of all, I typed this big huge thing and POOF! It went away. I'm using the family laptop instead of my own PC, and the keyboard here is all flat you know, like a laptop is. This is why I refuse to buy a laptop for my own personal use.

So. We had taco salad for dinner. Yum! It was delish! It was my idea this morning as hubby and I were trying to figure out what to have. I saw this bag of taco strips on the counter and... OH NO!! I completely forgot to add them to the salads! They were the whole reason for having the things in the first place! Ugh! Oh well... I'll just have to make taco salad again or taco soup so I can use them.

Our conversation centered on J's martial arts class, or to be more exact, his uniform. I found his uniform in a crumpled ball at the bottom of his closet in a pile of clothes. I figured these clothes to either be:

a) dirty
b) just a pile of clothes he didn't want to hang up

I really am not sure which category any of them fall into, but the uniform was there as well as his jammies. So we know this:

a) he pulls his jammies out of the dirty clothes pile each night - EWWWW!!!!
b) he pulls his martial arts uniform out of the dirty clothes pile to wear twice a week (unless, of course, I wash things first) and irritates the heck out of his instructor

So. That's where we stand and my hubby and I tried to pound into his head that he needs to take care of himself and his clothes. He needs to respect the fact that we buy him his clothes and he needs to take care of them - or they will disappear and he can buy them himself! Ha!! But seriously, to be in martial arts means you have to follow certain rules and abide by guidelines. Right now, he is not. He seemed to be more agreeable to hanging up his clean clothes, however, because one of the consequences was to pull him out of martial arts.

And this was by far more than you bargained for, right? Not a simple "we talked about the weather tonight" conversation.

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